Reviews for "Myth Runner"


Stick controls
Bad building timeing
bad graphics

fortunacus responds:

bad review

Nice Game

The reason I'm giving a 9 out of 10 is that I had to transform into Pothead and Twilight werewolf. Evidently, I ain't a fan of these...(The actual reason is that often the guy would fall between buildings after the transformation end, so it is better to play without transforming at all)
Other than that, the game's cool. For the short time you had to do it, that's quite the achievement.Had some fun playing it myself.

A little recommendation to other players-keep your Jaws/Pothead transformations as your Getoutajailfree card.Should you happen to make an improper jump, just press a or d and that will save your skin(useful if you go after the long distance achievements)
Also, not sure if that's a big spoiler or something, but I see many people have troubles getting the 3rd secret medal. I will reveal it, because I had some hard time figuring it out myself .It can be obtained after doing 9 transformations in one game.
Hope it helps, and once again-good game, keep it up!

its like im walkin on


fortunacus responds:

if sunshine is good for you why you only gives rating 5? so puny

fun idea but....

big problem character sprite so small i found i got eye strain and so challenge was playing it was trying to keep.

if i cud have stretched this to full screen in scale id have probably scored way higher

Let the battles begin

its a really entertaining game that is great for a 2 day mash up also. Nice choice of music