Reviews for "Myth Runner"


But it needs more titties.

Gets boring quick

It really does.
The level design is really annoying, the way you placed some objects...did you design this game to make people lose?
The controls work but the camera is moving way to quick.

pretty good actually

It's pretty good actually.


i thought it was really fun. by the way, who was the main character supposed to be? made me think of Murdoc from the gorillaz


This is obviously a Canabalt clone which doesn't have to be a bad thing necessarily, but it is here. First of all, you almost can't control your jump distance. Secondly, jump doesn't always work, and the game usually has a bad response time. Thirdly, I don't know is it only me, but game start to lag badly when I'm on those falling buildings (I see you fixed it, but it still isn't working and it can get very frustrating). Moreover, I don't get it... It has the characters, but I don't see any references to those books and movies except the characters. But I really like the music and the ability to transform. So... I understand you had to make it in two days and it still (although it's not very good) has to offer more than some other game jam, and even regular, games, so here's a 7.