Reviews for "Myth Runner"

Fast and furious

As someone said before, to be a game which born only in two days, dude you almost reach the top with this one. Just a little more gameplay will do the math.

I LOVED the final fantasy battle music as game theme +1 for that.


I had great fun once again working with and voice acting :LL!
I Have to say the art is amazing the the programming is once again top standards, I love how the music fits with the game and how the medals make it more enjoyable along with Highscore board.
I can't wait for more projects we do together



For a game that is built for 2 days this is Awesome . The graphics is pretty good also . If you add shop it will more addicting

cool transform!!!

at first i though its a regular running game, but after collecting the book Im amazed that it can transform to epic character, very cool baby, hei are you sure you made this only on 2 day?

addicting !!

for a game that made only in 2 days... it is very addicting !!

just a tips, when u jump to avoid the obstacle, press left arrow button, so u can slowing the jump and landing in the right corner of the same building, and then, right away, jump again, but with right arrow button pressed, so u can jump as far as possible.
the space between building sometimes a little too far, force u to jump from the building's right corner to reach the next building.