Reviews for "Myth Runner"

Hey nubs Make my revew sound bad!


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really good game and dont know why everybodys disagreeing


Great concept, but poor animation and tedious gameplay. also, i think that you chose dissapointing novels, if you make a sequel you should include more timeless books like dracula, frankenstein, call of cthulhu, etc. i would very much like to see you take time working at a slower pace to make this into a better game.


I love this game. I couldn't stop playing it, and I really don't see much wrong with it. The music is great, and the game has good humor. My only complaint is that when you're jumping over objects, sometimes the book is RIGHT behind them, and you can't reach the book from such a huge jump. That's my only complaint. And sometimes jumping to get a book can result falling off the building. /: other than that, 4/5 and 8/10.

Not very good..

Part of what makes games like this fun is the difficulty curve. For example in Canabalt your character moves faster the longer you play, while here it feels like you're just jogging along the rooftops. Having the character accelerate or move fast from the start would make the game more fast-paced and a lot more fun.
The idea of transforming into different things is nice, but changing into Jaws or HP completely changes the game into Miami Shark and a bad side-scrolling shooter, respectively. Keeping it a simple running game would have worked out better.
You had a nice idea, but it wasn't properly executed.