Reviews for "Myth Runner"

very nice!

*racinga51 said its a nice game and he reccomends, this was very fun to play
even if I am not a twilight nor Potter fan, good job :D
It is simple but it has replay value and that counts. It has some glitches and
I recommend not to play using explorer. I also like the music :D
I liked getting the secret medals :D I will spoil two for all.
*die while in wolf form, max out your books :D

Good game but...

...way too glichy.

You transform and whey you retain your human form your chance of falling is 50-50? Naahhh.... Not balanced.


a good game graphics are decent gameplay is fine put can use improvement

es geniall

se los recomiendo a todos

fortunacus responds:

apakah artinya comment diatas, tapi terima kasih udah ngasih comment yg bagus

Not bad

Quite fun, shame you have to pick two things which suck... and jaws.