Reviews for "BlackLight"


"i been running away for a purpose and then i found you"

good game

very deep and thoughtful,it`s hard to find games like this...


All i have to say is that its a peaceful, nice game. Well done in all its aspects of simplicity.

This game is amazing

It is a great game i loved it it made me wonder about our lives and everything there is to know in life awesome job

This has potential...

The levels that are based on the different phases of life are quite interesting, but as stated below, there's far too much left to ponder. While there is an artful touch to leave a bit of mystery, perhaps you could make another game for the lot of us wondering to give more depth to the story?

Even if you don't feel up to answering the call, we can take this beautiful little game for what it is: Simple and smooth. It seems to me like this one was based more on the artwork than the animation, and that's completely up my alley.