Reviews for "BlackLight"

A Little Short

A good game with more substance than just the art. I was hoping you where going to take him from being a baby till death and hit on some of the key points in his life to play through. Like when he met a girl then we get the wedding middle age and death. Oh well good job. Just was hoping for a longer than 5 minutes gaming experience.

CloudEater responds:

The game would be too depressing if it went any further.

Wow :D

First time playing this kind of game, this is...great! Haha, a lil too short though, the ending was great, mysterious.

CloudEater responds:

Ooman! lol haha x)

The game's not bad at all.

But one thing I would recommend is a custom control feature for this. It's still good though.

CloudEater responds:

That could have been a good idea.

Decent, Uncaptivating Art Game (Sense a Pattern?)

Being an Art Game, there isn't a great deal of game depth but "BlackLight" is a charming experience for the scant twenty minutes of play. It is also a production of a Newgrounds Game Jam, in this case the cap on frames-per-second was set to 12.

You start as an infant, then, a young boy, then a teenager and finally a young adult. While you go around the place, you can click on stuff and things happen. Look carefully. Once you figure it all out, though, things get pretty bland. If there were good things to point out, the art direction and use of a Newgrounds-borne soundtrack are perhaps the key elements of note. Some of the tracks induce yawns more than anything; they're soothing melodies for bedtime, or after sex when you're cuddling with your lover (assuming you guys even do that or have lovers in the first place!), but not the best thing to hear in a video game, especially a platform hopper that does require a sharp sense of timing at crucial moments.

Anyway, congratulations to the participants for a workable, bug-free Art Game. As for "BlackLight", it's nice... nice... not thrilling, but nice.

CloudEater responds:

I have mental problems! but thanks for the review or whatever this is.


What an awesome little game! Cool atmosphere, great music, not too difficult to figure out. Nice ending. Not all questions should be answered all the time. Leaving a question leaves a sense of wonder behind.

Although it's not long or overly complex, I wouldn't be surprised if this gets a spot on the Front Page.

Well done. :)

CloudEater responds:

Thanks much for the review. I would be very happy if it got Frontpage.