Reviews for "BlackLight"

I have three things to say.

I have only three things to say: LIMBO, Good Game, and where's the point? I haven't played LIMBO, but I have seen several screenshots, trailers, and video reviews and playthroughs. In this, the art and gameplay seemed very similar to that of LIMBO's. The music also seems to chime in the with the creepy style of LIMBO. But after all, it was a good game. There was no story, though, which was odd...And the ending was just...obvious connection to LIMBO.

But nonetheless, despite their being no story, the game was overall too short. I don't see what the point behind any of it was, and I do think that before you made this that you were exposed to some LIMBO gameplay maybe, and just accidentally recreated that awesome game.

-Too Short
+Hard Moments

7/10, 3/5.

CloudEater responds:

lol, I've never played Limbo but the other guys had and yea lol thanks for the review

Left 4 Limbo

*SPOILERS* So it reminds me of limbo, a good game. and at the end of this game you meet up with zoey from L4D, what is this a zombie apocolypes. I enjoyed the game but it is Way to short but the artwork is nice and it diserves 3rd place, but saying this I would like to see a sequel with a story line of how the girl (Zoey) got there.

In my opinion

CloudEater responds:

Just cause she's wearing an orange top doesn't make hey Zoey, gosh!

Looks a lot like limbo

Playing this game felt like playing Limbo. Both were difficult, but some things here to me seem unreasonable

CloudEater responds:

LIEK WHAT?!!!!! D::::::: TELL ME

good game

i love the game but i wish there was more dialog so that we could connect with the characters more all and all love it ^^

CloudEater responds:

Dialog would've been good, for some reason we DIDN'T ADD THAT! D:<

Not a bad game...

But I have to agree with many of the others. Dialoge would help quite a bit, even to just establish some sort of introduction. As well I found it ended rather abruptly as there seemed to be no lead up to the end. Again it wasn't a bad game, but it could be better

CloudEater responds:

Plotless, Pointless, Pathetic.