Reviews for "BlackLight"


The gameplay was really weak and short. There were some minor jump&run parts as well as really really basic puzzles.
If you're not doing real gameplay, do none at all.


The flash was really short, and scarce of any story at all. Grow up, overcome some hurdles and meet a girl doesn't really count as a story. Maybe if you had continued his life from that point on, but not this way.


Probably the best point of this flash. While the backgrounds looked really fine and atmospheric, the rest of the graphics was average. The whole color-theme of black/white/gray/red is more than overused, especially in combination with that artsy kind of flash games.


The music was nice but again more than overused in this type of games.


You created a lackluster art game, missing any kind of decent story or gameplay. Next time you should try it with a flip-book and focus more on the art.


CloudEater responds:


... Wait, what?

I'm missing the point. Is he gay or something? Or is the whole point of life to meet a girl? Fucking everything. Besides that, the game was alot, but not fun. Can't say I enjoyed it. That aside though, kudos on the artwork. That shit matters.

CloudEater responds:

I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

Holy crap this game is awesome!

Lawdy best game ever! I had no short amount of pure pleasure playing this piece of nirvana! Everything form the characters to the platforming and story was sublime! Pristine enviorments and artwork! The music was a masterful piece that even the masters of music could not compare to. I would like to state that this is the best game on NG!

CloudEater responds:

A bit of an overstatement I think but thanks.d

I guess I can see how this is today's best.

This game, among other art games, is thought provoking, but it's just too short for my tastes to be a game. It's really only going though a couple scenes, an animation, and that's it. This has potential, but add more.

CloudEater responds:

Yes it is quite short :s , fahotns

Potential as an Animation; Not a game

Gameplay in the barest sense of the word.

Little in story, other then what the "game" vaguely portrays.

The music is great, but given the music wasn't made for the game, it doesn't count towards the score, IMHO.

The effort spent on making this into a game could have gone into making a better animation or flipbook, given the art style.

Games can be art. But it's the compilation of it's parts, the graphics, gameplay, music, and story, is what makes it art.

This is not art.

CloudEater responds:

Your review makes no sense, fu