Reviews for "BlackLight"

Needs work.

The graphics are pretty good, the controls are buggy, the music was heard way to many times in other flash games, the story line was to short and confusing, and the game play was predictable and easy. And I'M the ass-hole!


It was very nice overall. The graphics were simple, and the backgrounds were cool. It's a very simple game but still enjoyable. The ending was confusing but I still love the game.

Maybe you could make a Blacklight 2, that is longer with more puzzles.

Expressing life as a metaphor.

This game really reminded me of Limbo in pretty much everything but atmosphere, but that's not to say that this game is bad because it certainly isn't. The controls were very smooth and responsive and some of the puzzles were quite interesting. (I loved the tic-tac-toe one) All in all, it's a great start if you are new to this, but if you've been making flash games, it's pretty well done for a weekend job. Plus I think the shortness adds to it's credibility. It's quite nice for someone who's always on the move or has the time to sit down for a game or two on their break.

Good work. Plus the song choice was great too.


for only having only a weekend to make a story, draw it, code it, and test it to make sure its playable for the most part. You guys did amazing.

The last couple of revives seem to forget you only had one weekend to do this.

although I do hate open ended stories >.> but with time limits doing more would of been a struggle, so I will not punish you for it.
But really finish the story up in another game or a message o.o


CloudEater responds:

Thanks man! >:3


This game was pretty good, but it has some issues.
The game would be much scarier if you made the baby a little bit less cartoony.
I loved the music in the game, especially the music box waltz.
The first level was good, but should have been darker with more (and also scarier) toys. The second level was actually pretty weird. It would be more cool if you made other children in the background laughing at you, and that there was a bully or something. I realise that is hard to do, but the game would be much scarier if you did.
The third level was also good, with the depressing city and stuff. The ending was maybe a little strange, but it was OK .Good job to all of you, because this game was not bad at all.

CloudEater responds:

Thanks for the review,,, it would've been more scary if there was jello bears.