Reviews for "BlackLight"


The game took me about 7 minutes to complete and the animations sucked.
Horrid game how has this not been blamed yet?

Sequel Please

we don't need to see the babymaking scene, but I want to find out the rest...does he become a sad old man or a successful Entrepeneur?

I feel like....

...That I've just played a knock-off of Limbo. I'll throw away that fact though. The game was SHORT, and animations were atrocious. The apparent story line, is very vague and any one person (IMO) would have to put hours of thought into it. If the game was fixed up a little bit, and then lengthened, it might be worth higher than a 3.

Tells a story

Aside from that, there is not much to say about BlackLight. It's short, animations are poor, and backtracking is often not an option. If this game were to be tweaked just a bit and extended a lot, my rating would be higher than 9.

who cares?

It really doesn't matter if its 5 min. long its still a great game it probably took him a long ass while to make the game let alone get it to be an endless game so yeah...I think the game is awesome and i think he should make more of the same conept