Reviews for "Insanity Box 2"


It was Hard but some were pretty easy still i think they should make more!! :D

<3 these games.

Love games like these.
The short minigames in a blitz like style. Like warioware. FUN!

Great fun!

I really enjoyed it; however, there was one I didn't like. "Click the same blue button". I just couldn't do it. Then at the end (I lost) it said "Are you colorblind?"

I am. :P

Amazing dude

Just one problem, there is a glitch that made the audio on diet run keep playing, even when I quit the mini game AND muted it.

Really Awesome but more like Wario Ware.

This is really is a fun game I enjoyed it. I reminded more of Wario ware because of the marco mini games. It doesn't remind me of mario party.