Reviews for "Insanity Box 2"

totally randomness

this game is awesome thanks too the randomness and the games

Entertaining, but with some flaws

It wasn't that bad, but I guess you could improve on some things:

- Make the game pause-able also while the minigames. You could just cover the whole screen
- The "click the same blue button" game was plain unfair. Make the colors a bit more different, otherwise it's really impossible to tell for human beings (though you could memorize the correct positions)
- Who the fuck are the good and bad guys? That guy with the sunglasses looked kinda evil, but it apparently was the good one, very unfair. Also the bear looked friendly, not everyone knows Pedobear.
- That texas game (?) was total luck. And I couldn't tell whether I won or lost, was I the guys to the right actually?
- Particle game: Just tell me that I'm supposed to go counter-clockwise, not clockwise, dammit!
- Asteroids 2: You couldn't tell a) how far the asteroids were apart from me and b) those "info screen" were fake. When there are info screens, you shouldn't make them dummy. Also it was a total life losing game.

Generally, just give me less lives and quit the current game when I lost one life. Everything else is frustrating.

All in all this game was plain frustrating and not really fun to play, I wouldn't like to repeat it, honestly. Try to work it out better, let some of your friends beta test it, and it should become less annoying.
There are indeed flash games that are hard, but still fun, but this is not one of those.


But completely unbalanced. Run more tests next time.

This game sucks

I hate whoever made this.

Good Game

I like most of the games, but some are just plain hard