Reviews for "Insanity Box 2"

I agree with the below

its a warioware type game, not mario party. Still fun though.

This game reminds me of warioware

look a bit relevant to the wario like mini games from GBA, DS & Wii verisions


Good game but the antichrist medal dosn't work.


I like the concept of the game but it's quite buggy at the moment. You can lose too much lives by misclicking in some of the games.. The animations at the end of each game are funny though :)

No Polish

You submitted a completely buggy game. controls are laggy and unresponsive. It also glitches out and takes away lives at random times.

I appreciate the concept of the game, I really do. This is just very poorly executed. Some games take a half second while others require you to wait the whole time. Also, the life system is not the best. You are given so many lives you can sit out of like 10 games, but you can lose all of them misclicking on the elephant game. This needs to be changed.

Overall, I feel like you had some good things going with this. I think if you spend A LOT more time perfecting the games and making them run smoother, you will have a game that deserves a 7, fix the game design problems i mentioned earlier and you will be pushing a 10. Also, just an fyi, I thought the calculator game was the best game as it caught the player off guard, was simple, and if you can replicate that with your other minigames, you will be fine.