Reviews for "Insanity Box 2"


It is quite fun, but like the people before me stated, some games simply won't work with the mac. The last playable stage you can play in story mode (for mac) is the one with the beer bottles because you can't hit anything and it drains ALL OF YOUR LIVES! Still a wonderful game, I just wish I could get to the final stage =D

Lots of fun save for one issue.

Almost any game where you are required to click the left mouse button, such as Asteroids, Monkey Grab, or the Bottle Shooting game do not work with a laptop. I have a Mac if that makes things any different, but even though it was usable for games such as the matching the cats or pressing the blue button it would not do anything for the aforementioned games.

Fix this and I'll easily come back to finish this game.

poxpower responds:

A few people have had that problem. I have no clue what it is, seems to be Mac related, like everything that sucks :D

I'll try and fix it.


Quite a few of the mini-games didn't work, either that or you did that on purpose. The Monkey Grab and the asteroids-style game didn't register me clicking at all...

Well said

I think the title of the game lives up to itself with most of the games, albeit they aren't going to make you go insane but there are a lot of games on it.


Some of the games are easy and fun.
the other games were ok