Reviews for "Insanity Box 2"

Buggy for me

The Super Iram and the one where you click bottles do not work correctly. For me the bottles don't get clicked and iram falls through the platforms.

Exactly like Mario Party, Rage included.

A good idea, but poorly executed.
A mash-up of 30 games that wouldn't have made it into the flash portal five years ago isn't what I had expected. All the games work, and work well, but graphics and game play mechanics all feel and look dated. Could have been worse, but could have been much, much better.

F@#% Yeah

one of the best flash games ever

Fun, but very buggy.

Very fun concept, love the games, but it's a very glitchy game. For example, while playing story mode on normal, I lost 2 lives for no reason at all as soon as the xylophone level. Also, the jump rope level seems to be a bit buggy as well.

Mammoth crap

I won turnip!