Reviews for "Insanity Box 2"

long loading!

good but it takes so long to load!!

Needs work

There's some bug to work out. When they are bugs on mini games it takes away the fun. If your want me to do the opposite of what I'm told than when you say press the down arrow It work with going up. Instead I lost the lives there. It's frustrating to play games without working controls and bugs fixed.

poxpower responds:

That's not a bug.

It's meant to be confusing.


i liked it ok... but i don't think it deserves more than a 7/10 3/5, but you know, everyone has there own opinion about everything, keep on making more!


Was having fun until the shooting level started randomly taking off my lives, I wasn't missing, I wasn't shooting anything wrong, and things weren't lingering; I've no desire to play again.

i am lovin it

its me peach (beach)(bitch)