Reviews for "Insanity Box 2"

yahhhhh Lav Eth

I love this game cause its like an emulator. SOOO MANY GAMES!

Ah so funny :')

The rope jump was hillarious,the first time i was just playing and BOOM i laughed my head off.I've played it 6 times and I still am

Fun & Funny!

The games are clever and the little things shown at the end of each game made me laugh out loud. This is an amazing game.


this game is so fun good job!!!

Love it!

I think this flash game is very fun. I spent two hours replaying it. It's just so insane. "It pleases me". The variation of games makes it last long and it feels very much like something from the Warioware games.

But I got one bug problem that forced me to end the game. The Fish game, somehow, I ate two fishes too fast, and grew bigger than allowed. The game didn't end, I got to -1 point, and could keep eating and eating, until the whole page was filled with green. The score keeps racing up, getting extra lives, but I am stuck in limbo. Oh well, it was fun, though.