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Reviews for "Dimension Diver"


This Game is Bored Men... I play for 10 minutes but, its just bored... Maybe more
Velocity in the game and better music... :)

My god this game has potential!

But it still sucks. Well, it was entertaining, that I will admit. It has real shitty controls, it needs a doublejump instead of extended jump, and it would work better if it would dash from space bar and jump from W. Hmm... not much else to complain. Graphics are cool and smooth, music doesn't totaly suck balls and there is a mute button. Also it would be cool if there would be an option to continue from every level unlocked, instead of having to start from 1-1 I could start over from 6-1 (I shure as hell won't start from beginning again.)
Overall it's a cool platformer but it could have been better. 7/10

Sub-Par at best

I played this game until world 2-1 and that's about all I could take. The controls are terrible, the concept is weak and not expanded upon within the game. Maybe I'm being glib, since I didn't play it long enough to find out what the whole "diving through dimensions was about but it seems like the kind of thing that really should be brought to light early in the game. I thought that after the first level i'd jump to some new dimension, but instead I went from a grass level to a cave level, and I got there by jumping on things. Maybe its just me, but if i replaced the main blue, butterfly fairy with a small, Italian plumber, I could probably swear I was playing another game. On the whole, the game has too weak a concept, too horrible controls and is not at all engaging to the player. When considering a game where "diving through dimensions" is a selling point, look at other Newgrounds games like "Shift" for a starting point.
Keep trying

Good concept, horrible controls.

I'd really love this game if the controls didn't make me hate it. A separate button for the dash, possible a double jump instead of an extended jump, and it would be a blast.

Maybe if this gets launched again in a somewhat tolerable control setting, I would give it another shot.

I hate dash!

You really should make jumps less dinamic and change the dashe key.