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Reviews for "Dimension Diver"



Has a lot of potential, but...

This game has amazing graphics for a flash, but too many flaws to be a favourite.

First of all, the controls are pretty horrible at times, particularly when I'm trying to stay airborne to rack up the combos. On several occasions my character would dash left or right in midair due to the game misinterpreting my movements as a double tap, and I would end up launching myself off of a cliff or straight into an enemy. Like a lot of reviewers have said, it would make more sense to use the spacebar as the dash button, and have jump reassigned to the 'up' key. The controls also a feel a little 'slippery', which means I don't feel quite as in control as I would in a Mario game - which I think this game is quite similar to in many ways.

Secondly, the collision detector is a little off. Not as big a problem as the controls, but it feels like you have to be PRECISELY on top of an enemy to kill them, else you'll take damage. This can be a problem when you're in the air and only have a split-second to line up with an enemy.

Finally, the time limit can be a bit strict, especially if you're taking time to try and build up big combos, instead of dashing through the game. A minor problem, but it would be nice to have just a little more time per level...

Overall, this is a really promising game that's damaged by a few frustrating flaws. With the problems ironed out, this would easily be one of the best flash games i've ever played.

Great potential, but a few problems.

To start out with the good, the graphics are amazing for a flash game, and the music is beautiful as well. I also noticed that this game had some traits that reminded me of both the Sonic The Hedgehog, and Super Mario Brothers. The cons of this game are mainly the controls. The controls would be fine if they weren't so damn sensitive, and a bit slippery. The short time limit also gave me a problem. It's okay to have some challenge and to have a time limit, but I'd like to take my time at first.

The time limit would've been an eency teency bit longer. The game is good, but is frustrating for wrong reasons.


this is hard to play, not because its a challenge, but because the controls are more dangerous than the enemies are. You cant manouver in the air without air dashing and the dash when running requires you to double tap way too fast for it to go off with any reliabialty.

since the only 2 ways to kill involve landing on enemies or dashing into them and the controls are at their weakest at these 2 points its just not fun to play.

Graphics are really nice however but the music loop gets annoying really quickly.

To fix the controls i would recomend WASD for movement (ie W for jump) and space + move key for dash or airdash. I think this would fix it nicely.


The game looks beautiful and seems to have a lot of potential. That being said it is being brought down by one of the worst controls I have seen. The jumping is unresponsive and dashing is near impossible at a fast pace. Maybe next time make the "up button" jump and "spacebar" dash...after all that would make sense.