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Reviews for "Dimension Diver"

pretty good. but

sonic fail kid below

A ripoff off of Mario and Sonic.

Alright, I know it's supposed to be based on them, but this has too much things in common from Mario and Sonic. The enemies are based off mostly Sonic badniks and the main character's attacks are based off Mario's squashing attack. The only thing that isn't based off Mario or Sonic is the dash attack, but some of that was based off Sonic as well. The title menu was creative and I loved the color changing ability, but there is no plot and the bosses have almost no challenge in them, unless you're talking about the final boss. The ending flag ends up being a bit annoying, because at one point I only had one life left and I accidently fell through the hole between the platform and the flag, because the main character ends up going too fast, even not on dash mode. I also find the fact that everytime you lose a life, you lose all your excess health points. However, the health points are so easy to get that it's almost impossible to die EXCEPT that you can fall through platforms. Sometimes, I somehow dash when I only pressed the arrow key once, so I think you should make dash a seperate key. Also, the lack of powerups make this game boring. For your first sponsered game, I guess it was pretty decent, but you'll need to make it unique if you want it to become improved.


wow. no obvious crap-rip-off "sonic the hedgehog" inspiration here.

very smooth. too smooth. i would rather have more control and more traction.

This game was great.

The only thing I'd really change is the inability to stop yourself mid-dash.

Too many times I'd be dashing in midair and would overshoot a platform, even though I had let go of the directional button.

When I let go of the dash, I'd like to stop moving, same as if I was walking normally.

Other than that, this was a very fun game.
The colors are great, controls are smooth, no lag, environment is fun.
I'd play this on a console.

Fun and addictive,

I love it, but the level design could use some work, at the beginning I often find myself jumping between 2 platforms and falling trying to get out. Dash should have a separate key, it makes it hard to control movement or dashing with the current configuration, also I'd like to see more enemies in the first levels, since a bigger amount of enemies makes the game easier.

Other than this, the game is really fun and addictive; I love to make combos and gaining life form falling over enemies. The music, sound and visuals are terrific and complement each other and the gameplay. Overall a great experience