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Reviews for "Dimension Diver"

Great, but needs more

This game is great, but the bosses are way too easy as the levels are.

Style without Substance

This game looks nice and sounds really nice too, however the game is lacking in other areas. It's an okay time sink if you want a platforming game to play but it could have been much more. The visuals and audio are there but the controls are sluggish- the jumping back after you take a hit mechanic was something I thought we had gone past. It's a poor system which ends up with you simply dying over again, games should be a challenge based on strategy not for being badly designed.
All in all, it has potential but fundemental parts of the game are poor. Make a flash movie next time, it will probably be extremely good.

Love it!!

only played world 1-1 before i wrote ths and i love it already music is nice and game play is fun

pretty fun

nice game!!!! (-_-) kept me busy 4 a while !!!


This Game is Bored Men... I play for 10 minutes but, its just bored... Maybe more
Velocity in the game and better music... :)