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Reviews for "Dimension Diver"

Nice looking game

But the controls are terrible. The to double tap dash really gets in the way. I can't believe how many times I try to feather the directional to make a slight correction, only to accidentally trigger the charge attack and miss my target by a mile, something that could have been easily discovered with a few play-tests.

Ignoring that, the are a few issues that need to be improved on.

Other than controls, the biggest issue is that the game is too generous in rewarding lives. You only need to collect 25k points per life, which may seem like a lot, but it's really easy to farm points. Since the pop combo is only reset if you touch the ground, it is often better to fall into the void and get thrown back up (and into a wave of enemies) than to touch down. Because of this, it's pretty easy to reach the maximum number of points per pop (5k), and at that level, it takes a mere 5 kills per life.

Because of this, maximizing your score becomes a game of grinding points, rather than technical skill and dumb luck. And the place to grind for points becomes world 7, which has flat (like level 1) rather than tiered (level 3) terrain, slow land enemies, an an endlessly spawning "prawn" enemy that like to throw themselves at you. With the right level layout, you can actually just spent most of your time killing these until you time out, then when you respawn, charge into the void to the left at the beginning of the level to keep your combo going.

On deaths, there are two ways in which you can be cheated out of an extra hitpoint. For instance, whenever you are tagged in the air, you recoil back. And if you're unlucky, you'll land at the very tip of a platform, and the momentum from the recoil will push off into the void before you can even do anything. The other can be done by using a charge attack after having fallen into a void, and have been launched in the air again.

Another big thing that bugged me is that you can only gain one bonus hitpoint per pop combo. While it's possible that this was done intentionally as a way to challenge players going for points, it seems highly unlikely, considering how easy it is to leech points.

But even with all of that, it's still a really cool looking game, the music (while forgettable) sets a cool mood, and its actually kind of fun to play once you get past the controls.


The animation really is quite impressive. Very clean and crisp and nice to look at. The use of color is well done. The music isn't aggravating, but you're glad there's a button to turn it off.

However, there is no control tutorial or tiny window to tell you that these controls will tell you how to kick a freaky monster's ass. You basically start the first level off with no idea what the hell is going on and have to go by trial and error. "Gee, I guess I can just run at the Mon-" :dies: "Nevermind." Jumping helps. But again, any combos are discovered through trial, error, and pressing random keys to find some sort of reaction while pissing off any housemates by the annoying noise.

Something that really annoyed me with the game is the fact that if I miss jumping up stair-cliffs, I lose a life. Usually, I would just run into the damn ledge without going anywhere. Here, I lose a life. And, because dying sucks, just getting nicked ONCE by those colorful mutant bastards will cause me to lose a life. That is really suckish.

Plus, I sense no story. Maybe it's because it's a Platformer, and they're pretty much immune to plot lines, but all I'm getting from the game is that some colorful, Sonic crack-baby that has a jumping on mean plushy fetish and likes to barrel roll through DNA strands and jump to another realm (that is practically a replica of the last level), is what this whole thing is about. I see no point to any of it. Why can't Dimension Diver just sit around and have tea and crumpets with the Queen? Or watch romantic gay porno? What is the POINT?

Overall, I give it a six. The Diver is pretty cool looking - like looking at Sonic the Hedgehog while I'm tripping on LSD. Music is okay. Nice for the situation, but again, you're glad their's an option to turn it off. The trial and error schtick is annoying and almost immediately wanted to make me quit the game. Dying because I didn't jump up the next step on stair-cliffs makes no sense. Was it to make the game more complicated? I dunno. And because the Diver could have wacked off to gay porno instead of traveling using DNA strands is confusing. Once again, I sense no point to any of it.

This game could have been much worse, but it could have been a hell of a lot better.


Well, the fact that you could fall off the ground and die by running into GROUND.. kinda bogus. This is like a Sonic ripoff, minus the awesomeness


guys stop sayng stuff about the controls. this guy doesn't seem to care.

This game is like my ex girlfriend...

At first, it's amazing because it looks pretty, but after about 5 minutes you realize how shallow and uninteresting it really is.