Reviews for "Urban Wars"


awesome game, I absolutly suck at it, but its really fun :D


I dont want to be discriminative, but now Im realizing how much I hate emos.

tip for the glitch

for those who have problems with the glitch

just refresh


I LOVE THIS GAME.... Very much)
I love soundtracks, I love gameplay, I love everything about this game)) My god...

brutal legend!

sorry its just the whole band battle thing reminded me so much of that game sadly the game was a big flop even tho the game frigging awesome had good gameplay musics and multiplayer was fun to play but was hard as hell to find people who act played it ::::::: back to this game quite good but also quite hard i find at later levels that the ai just spams the crap out of theyre units real fast theyre cooldown is 2 secs mine is like 10 or so it isnt quite fair