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Reviews for "Urban Wars"

great little concept

this game is a lot harder than it looks, gamplay is simple and addictive, seams like im writing that in a lot of reviews lately

nice :)

You forget to add reggaeton, i want to kill them all!!! :D
Long live to the Metal!!!

Fun, but glitchy

I could never upgrade health past 50. When I did, it more than happily took my money, but gave me nothing in return, akin to a cheating harlot. Please remedy this

I liked it but...

This was a good game but, i think there is a problem. When ever a fight ends it sometimes the game doesn't continue. I love this game, and i think it is great, but just that one problem. Good Job though! :)

Time wasted appreciated.

I thought this game was great. I liked the music intertwined as it was. Its a common game everyone can understand, but you spiced it up a notch.

I can dig it.

But, I found one flaw. I started out by playing with the Metal band. I have reached 50% and figured out all the controls. But as soon as the pushup-loader has finished, nothing happens. The dude keeps doing pushups. Its been going on for about an hour now.