Reviews for "Hunters - Stage 4"

Utter shit

This is by far the shittiest game I've had the displeasure to play.
Not including the 'voice acting' or even the 'animation'. Solely on the topic of gameplay, this blows.
Worst issues first.
--Diagonal shooting-- how do you fuck this up? So you were too fucking lazy to set a control scheme with 2 more keys combined with the up/down key to shoot at an angle without moving? I can just imagine the shit that was neglected or ignored IF this 'ms paint' game was play tested. "Lets have the bosses dangle on the edges of the screen for 80% of the fight and have the player attempt to make angled shots to kill the boss sometime this century, awkwardly dancing back and forth, dancing off narrow platforms, etc etc."

--Enemies-- I find it laughable, most of the human enemies just run into you to deal damage. OH NO! I'VE BEEN SHOULDER CHECK'D x_x. YOU HEADBUTTED MY SHOE x_x. They're fuckn running and jumping around not even shooting half the time.

--Weapons-- Machine gun could of had a knockback effect, Rocket launcher was a good start~ should of added splash damage when it connects with a solid object, Pistol with the megaman rip off charge still amounts to shit... and theres the shotgun... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL when does a spread gun equate to the bb's evaporating 5 feet from the barrel?

--Level Design-- Patrolling fire patches? Conveniently placed sprinklers over blazing blockades? Rats, water drops from the ceiling, and dear god! Jumping fish and butterflys, oh my!? How did you manage to copy/paste all these NES cliches into this awful submission?

The be fair, to a number of people it may not be as bad as I'm making it out ot be, and maybe it isn't. But you could of done 10 times better if you playtested and tweeked it before rushing it to be submitted.


I do like the great contrast to all levels through these games. I do apologize for the low score, but I must state that the shotgun is a lousy weapon. One has to get quite close to use it and by then, the foe has already struck you a few times.

Story is okay. Voice acting is also okay. Gameplay is good. Graphics are subpar. That's about it. Keep at it!

Very good game!

Very good game!

Whoa now

Where'd this bug come from that wasn't in the last chapters? Try to remember what you've changed, if anything. Because something must have, if it's in this one, but not the others. And it's not exclusive to IE. Firefox still has this issue.

Nice chapter though. Shotgun is a blast ( oh god X| ).

i love this

as a metriod fan, a anime lover and gamer i have to say that this game is awesome,
my only complaint that the animation isnt as good as the game, if it had it would be a complete 5.00. but i have to say, reminds me alot of metriod but thats mainly the controls and the way the main character looks