Reviews for "Hunters - Stage 4"

Best one I have played!

This series gets better and better!
I loved this one.
The ninja fights,shotgun,ninja boots!
The bosses were fun too!
I loved the last boss it was crazy and fun.

cant it

in the ocean chase level how do you hit the small spaceship in the top left hand corner cause without diagonal shooting i dont see a way of hitting it? thanks
P.S make a relic of the stars 2 =)

Great series

Well, I'd always like your games, Rhete. For example, I have played all 3 parts of Project Inthri. Because of that, I don't care about the old-school graphics (I like those graphics actually.) About the controls, it's a bit annoying to shoot diagonal though, but it's no big problem. The storyline and cutscenes are great. And these games is not too hard for me to beat as I've beaten stage 1-3 in Normal and all Project Inthri games if you care. But they really did challenged me. I like that balanced difficulty.


This game kept me up far too long (took about 3 hours to finish). I must say, though the graphics aren't top level, this game is one of the best I've ever played on NG. I have been going through 1 to 4 now. In all honesty, the length of this stage did annoy me, but if anything, that should probably a big plus overall. But, though I was lucky for it not to be lost when my battery went dead, I would suggest an auto-save option if you have to take a break.

I like it that here the bosses had strategy and weren't your average 'tank and spank'. This is something that gives the game a big advantage over others. But like I said, it might have been much for 1 stage alone (jungle/water/base/lava world). Going to play stage 5 now, but this game belongs to the best on NG.

You know what? RESPECT!

The graphics may be horrible, but the voice acting is awesome, the controls may be bad, but I don't care about them... As long as I can play the whole game and kill the bosses, even if this game is really one of those hardest to beat, I found this game good enough to be on my favorites, and some folks still vote low because they really cannot finish your games. 5/5 & 10/10