Reviews for "Hunters - Stage 4"

I've got to say

This games are pretty amasing, complete, and over all ADDICTIVE (in my opinion it could use some better graphics, but they're fine). Now, what's really bothering me it´s how do you have time to do all this? I mean, it's been almost a week and you already posted 4 out of 6 stages, and they're not exactly too short.

P.D.: If anyone votes this review as useless, fine, I don't care. Just don't go around there saying everything is crap just because you don't like it, those are two different things


as far as i've played it, the game itself is fun. the controls, music, and voice acting are pretty decent, and its a fun game to play.. but the graphics.. they're terrible.

I, for one.

Enjoy the old style graphics.

It's like it's 2001.

Pretty impressive!

At first, I thought this entry would lose points because of one of the bosses (the fire dragon and it's fireball attack, I didn't know until AFTER I beat it that you had to wall jump over its fireballs), but episode four impressed with a variety of locations, and even a clever boss fight right at the end! I think this may be my favorite episode yet, I can't wait to see episode five and six.

Other than that, this game plays pretty much like the rest of the episodes. But the technical prowess in this one gave it this extra point, so I felt it deserved it.


This one is actually a little more bearable.
I'll be honest though, I still think this series could use a massive graphical overhaul. Yes, this does feel like an old school megaman game, but that's the problem:
It feels rushed. Megaman games were on smaller screens, which allowed for less detail, but you could feel there was genuine effort and thought put into enemy and level design.
I mean yes, Hunters: Relic of Stars has "thousands" of new sprites even though it's main ones are ripped from an '05 movie for "continuity", but they all look like they were made in five minutes... It's like you slapped a bunch of simple shapes together, filled them with gradients and voila. Maybe consider finding someone who can make your game seem a little more... modern? I find it hard to believe no one would have offered yet.
Just a suggestion, though.
Music was actually rather fitting, no complaints there. The controls are still a little...I dunno, iffy, but I'll blame my own sub-par reflexes when it comes to harmoniously synchronising shooting and avoiding while aiming accurately.
I still find the cutscenes, along with the script, incredibly cliché for the times, where the dialogue has me scrambling for a Skip button. There are also a lot of things that aren't really explained to people who haven't bothered making a background check on your series.
Why is there a ninja in the forest...?
And why is he so mellow...?
To each his own, I suppose.
This probably appeals to a younger generation, where the challenge is definitely present and the story is simple and easy to follow, even if there are a few logical discrepancies.
All in all, not my bag. I need a solid story and graphics that don't feel like placeholders. But apparently it's good enough to make frontpage, so I guess my tastes are wonky... >.>