Reviews for "Hunters - Stage 4"


I think you should try pixel art style in the next version, frame-by-frame sprites etc. Then this would be a complete gem. Pixel Joint.com is good for inspiration, advice and knowledge if you don't know what I'm talking about. Well, even the pixel art section in NG goes, but the advice is pretty good as shit here.

As much as I want this to be a 10

I just can't bring myself to do it. Gameplay? Great. Voice acting? Awesome. Graphics? Oh god kill me. I just can't stand the look of the game, but I just absolutely love the gameplay. I mean, it's smooth, it works out good, its got that classic run and gun shooter feel. It's like taking a diamond, but then spreading poop all over it. Making it terrible to look at, but still, its a good thing under all the terrible looks. Can we have the next part PLEASE get a graphics update? Other than that, all around good game, not much to complain about.

Hey, this is fun!

Excellent work! The gameplay is really fun, the sound and music are top notch, and the graphics remind me of earlier Newgrounds staples, (but with vastly improved graphics, obviously). It's nice and refreshing to see a game animated in Flash like this :)

Only thing I'd suggest is that the levels scroll instead of a screen-by-screen progression, but that's really just a matter of taste, and obviously your choice as the developer :)

Now off to explore the earlier episodes I missed!


It isn't a horrible game like some people are saying, but to be honest this really wasn't front page material. The graphics could be improvable and and then there is the constant problem that enemies respawn instantly in screens where I cleared all the enemies and come back just to see them respawned and back where I left them. C'mon.
I enjoyed the storyline, which was relatively original and a new experience for me in a platformer game. However the gameplay itself wasn't incredibly exciting and I found myself bored after five minutes.
I do give a thumbs up to the music though. Great choices.
The graphical improvements could be made through shading carefully or slight movement while idle such as blinking, shifting a bit etc.
Anyway, the idea, and overall goal I can see you're trying to achieve is excellent. But keep in mind the flaws and try harder. Keep up the good work.

Overall Score:
Gameplay: Slightly repititive, and nothing too new or exciting.
Graphics: Definately can be improved. Shading, idling movement or smoke from guns is a start.
Sound: Great Music choices and the sound effects were....bearable. Cool voice acting though.
StoryLine: I enjoyed it and it made me want to continue and ignore most flaws.

End Score: 7/10 4/5
Please don't take offense from this. I'm simply offering advice and ideas to see a more awesome flash than this one. I encourage you to go on. (People are probably gonna mark this as useless review anyway. Geez.)

Best wishes,

Good Job

Awesome game