Reviews for "Hunters - Stage 4"

simply amazing

this is the best game on newgrouds


the controls are nuts if you come from germany ... z and y are swapped -_- and somehow it's not possible to change to an american keyboard setting (like i do normaly)
pretty difficult for me to play but i'm havin fun anyway^^

oh and great underwater boss (that giant shell thing)!
Challenging fight and i love the music of that battle.

Rhete responds:

There are two control setups, try using WASD to move and JKL for attack/jump/weapon?

pretty good

still dont know what all the hype is about. there should definitly be check points. and more fluid movment.

Excellent addition to the series

Enjoying the game for its playability and excellent soundtrack, I can't wait to see the next episode, it's been a fun collection so far, and I like the little twists here and there in each part.

got to love these games. love ya Rina chan

you people make my world a little brighter: )