Reviews for "Hunters - Stage 4"

Ready for a big-ass review??

The animations in this movie are okey, could've been better. How about an animation when you go from normal stand to crouch-mode? The quality of your game (and by this, I mean how much time and effort you put into drawing everything) is also okey. Pretty lacking in some cases, but you kept yourself at anime/manga style, which made it better.

The music in this game is good, it fits with the levels.

The storyline: FUCKING GREAT!! This is an adventure. The normal games you find on NG's aint like this one. You face diffrent enemies, depending on which level your on atm, its a big diffrence between the levels aswell, so you wont get bored when you play.
I kept myself playing through the whole game. I couldnt give up, I had to beat each level. Everytime I died, I HAD to try again.
Speaking about dying; everytime I died, it felt like it was a unfair death. Dunno why, I did my best, but sometimes the enemies just walk around, in the next thing you know, your getting raped by those bats/butterflies! But it's a big diffrence between hard games, and challenges. This game is challenging. That's one thing that makes it so great! When you die, you cant give up. You have to try again.

The weapons were okey. Some weapons are good on some levels, some weapons just pwn every enemie in every level, like the pistol. It doesnt deal much damage, but when its fully charged, it can be used as a murder machine!! :D
The ray-submachinegun is best in the woods, and against the fire-boss. The bazooka pwns the water-boss.

Everytime I faced a new boss, I thought: "Aww man, this must be the end-game boss.".... but it wasnt. It gave me new hope, and made me wonder how big this game was.
The end-boss, (the girl in the spaceship) is fucking hard. When you finally face her, you hit the jackpot, like "you wanted to play this game? You wanted to keep playing? Welcome to hell!!" But its still a challenge on the good way :D

Im giving you 10/10 and 5/5. I cant imagine how much time and code you put into this game. Great game, a little to normanl in some cases, but it doesnt matter, I love this!

Rhete responds:



could be great, but...

now i havnt played the other ones, this is just my general feel about it. unlimited ammo is nice, on certain weapons. but if you have unlimited ammo and a bazooka....all im saying is, give us limited ammo on certain thins and unlimited on others, like the pistol(although fully charged its a lethal weapon) graphics are not the best i have ever seen. and the aiming could be better, at the same time could be much worse. also the controls were kinda....well not hard just not right, like i tried to jump to a ledge and it didnt work and i landed back in the beginning...all in all didnt really like it, could be a great game, just needs a little work.

Keeps getting better!


Once again, some general points before commenting on the level. First of all, I see there are less complaints about the controls now. Maybe some have realized that actually aiming with the mouse would make it too easy. The truth is, that neither mouse nor 8 directional shooting is realistic: it's not realistic that you can't shoot in the direction you want, but on the other hand it wouldn't be realistic either that you could constantly shoot at a certain spot while jumping and doing all kinds of evasive maneuvers. So all in all it's just a matter of gameplay design, and I at least prefer this approach where you (eg. in Boss battles) have to find the right balance between evasions and aiming.

There is one thing I'm missing though. Aren't there any medals for this game? Those would be a nice addition! Then a more minor thing is that I think the rockets of the rocket launcher should act as real explosives and be able to hurt the nearby enemies.


Probably the best level so far. Now there is nice variation to the places and they are pretty logically interconnected. As for the graphics (that have received so many complaints from people), I think they were also better than in the earlier stages: the heat effect was nice and I think the enemies are well drawn and animated.

The ninja guy was great and the humour works pretty well too. The new powerup was also a very welcome addition to the gameplay and the last boss was very creatively crafted. Good job!

Cool game

Nice game like the underwater music aswell

yay, another hunters episode!

waiting for the game to start, so i'll pre-write here. as i can see, there's a ninja on the screen. they're at some jungle planet where's the third orb. jungle, temple and an eternal ninja guard guarding an artifact of unimaginable power. what else is new? well it's loaded, so we'll see what the game offers..

this was, compared to the others, good and relaxing, though it stuck in few parts. nothing too special about this one, but if we go to the thing how real it gets, i gotta say: how the hell did our hero breathe underwater? at least you could've made there diving gear, wouldn't been so big job.

another standoff with hunters. it's like every stage ends with a s**tload of hunters getting their asses kicked by player. doesn't make much sense. mizar, the leader still rages when she sees the hero and meaninglessly doing everything to destroy her. well, at least it's different from earlier stages, because it was completely same in earlier stages, without motivation. this time she seems like she has some, and it doesn't actually matter to player anymore. hell, she's always like that.

well, our heroes now have all three orbs, so what now? getting captured by giant hunter ship, trying but failing in getting them to safety, or avior betraying our hero in the tightest of moments and taking all orbs for his own good?

this part was good as it left many questions unanswered.