Reviews for "Hunters - Stage 4"

fun fun fun

this game is pretty cheesy but kinda addictive and i kinda liked it for the wrong reasons i guess

havent played yet -

but havent reviewed the others yet either - - i LOVE this series - people dont get that putting top tier voice work into a fun simple ( i know not that simple for you haha) game like this makes it sooo much more human, personable, and fun - gives the game a LIFE!

and i CANT wait for omahdon - he's one of my favorites!

n e ways -grats to you for this awesome series - and grats to Dmac for assembling the voicing and sound and all - its very very well done

good but...

I can't see why this doesn't have it's own collection yet..
keep up the good work =D

9 this time !!!

Getting Better and Better ! This stage was Fantastic. The only issue I had was when you finally defeat the lava boss, you're not really sure where to go until you find that terminal, so you're just running around aimlessly, which was getting frustrating but I finally found the darn panel after remembering where you can wall jump where you couldn't before you get the stinky shoes :) (Yes, I found the health capsule & went back to the Main Entrance wall jumping). The final boss in this stage was creative. You have to think rather than shoot. I liked it a lot.
Another thing I would like to thank you for, is bringing me back to my old platform experience. This has really brought back some of my old skills I used to have. ;)

Arigatou Gozaimashita !! "ojigi"

Yeow-za, this was AWESOME!

I figured I'd hold off on reviewing until the last stage,so I could review the series as a whole, but I must say I REALLY liked this stage. This level really brought out the Metroid series feel to it, and maybe just a little MegaMan as well.

I especially loved the music used at the end, it really made it uber-fun to play through. A grand challenge this was. It really made me do some thinking and improvising, that didn't seem to exist that much in the previous stages.

I really cannot wait to finish this series. Keep up the wonderful work Rhete & crew!