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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"


Why does Link only have 1 1/2 hearts in the NES world, but 3 hearts in the Link to the Past world?

Apart from that, good flash!


wats up w/ dissapearing when u get stabbed? lol great flash Link seemed pretty pissed at Link and the old dude. Lol totally enjoyed it! Keep up the good work! ^-^


Well, I have seen worse I guess. But, I have also seen much much better.

Heh heh.

Good job. yea Forte don't be a D-bag.


Well, you get the 3 for what seems like an honest effort... The Graphics weren't terrible, though deaths were cheap and unentertaining... and what happened to 8bit link's face when he was holding that sword?!... The talk bubbles got annoying quickly, and the humor was... not really great at all. The sound wasn't totally bad... well, either way, good luck on future submissions.