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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"

Something's wrong!!!

Ur story has Link going 4 a sword that gets it's ass kicked by his sword. R u trying 2 tick me off?

Something was missing...

I agree with Zabuza, the animation shined like a goddamn sun burning my viring pupils for the lack of a good plot, the dialogues weren't that bad but the story was...oh a cookie!!!

No good...

I underdstand that making flashes is just plain hard to do for some people, but this is a good example of something that could be good... Consider it a project to make it better.
Some good things to worry about are:
1. The shiftyness of the portals,
2. The smoothness of the characters,
3. The smoothness of the music (it was choppy),
4. The humor,
5. And, lastly, the plot. You do not know why link was where he was, why he had to kill the people, and what was really happening.... It was also very short... All he did was kill the other Link and the old man, and then the minister (for some odd reasons).

~ Buza-chan

Not too good.

The animation wasn't the greatest and it was a little low on humor.

The main thing you need to work on is the portal on the NES start location wiggles side to side.

(The motivation for this review was partly funded by the previous review for this animation.)

So much for Excessive Violence!

I was hoping for blood and gore, but still, the story line was perfect. Keep up the good work.