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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"

Not the greatest thing but...

It is like the last reviewer said. This isn't the greatest Zelda parody, but it is decent. But I'm wondering..if Link killed himself in Zelda 1, how could he still be alive in Zelda 3? Or did Zelda 3 come before Zelda 1? I can't remember right now.
Anyway good show bi.

i think that was pretty good

wasn't the greatest thing i seen but it was still pretty good out of 5 i give it a 4

at least you got the time travel bit correct.

Take my advice, rewrite your humor and maybe you might have something that's funny. Not even a 5-year old would laugh at that.

what were you thinking?

That made no sense whatsoever.

Enh ...

Hasn't roused much but apathy. Not bad ... seen worse, but also seen better.