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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"

this is a movie!!?

this is one of the worst zelda movies i ever saw no offense

Not very great.

The graphics and animation was poor, link warped more than twice as much as big as he was. The story was ok but it wasn't funny. The sound was all choppy and the backgrounds were blurry jpegs. What the hell is this? "Mature"? I don't think so, it had no gore or language.


SGT_Nightmare, the SNES legend of zelda game was a prequel to the NES one. So the past link was actually going into the future to kill his descendant. Yeah...the artist got that wrong there. Other than that, funny tuff!

eh.... no

I didn't really like this, the facts were messed up, if link from the future went back in time and killed the original link and took the sword, how would he be alive? Zelda wouldn't have been saved and the sword wouldn't be legendary, like a time paradox. REally the only thing that maid me laugh was that he burn the sword to ashes cause its wooden.

Decent Zelda spoof.

It really wasn't that interesting or funny and it was short as all hell too,not bad but not good either.