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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"

bad bad and bad

It can't

I love Zelda, however this was pretty bad.

The idea was good, but see it was presented rather poorely. The graphics looked like you just took a bunch of screenshots (which I'm guessing you did?) and also, when it showed 8-bit link holding up the sword..it looked so horrid to me. And also whats with the angled word bubbles dude? It made it kinda hard and a pain to read. I'm sorry but as much as I love Zelda I cant bring myself to liking this. Sorry.

Like the last guy said!

I caught that to! If Link killed him self in the past , he would die right after he goes though the portal! I thought soon as he got in the future, everthing was jacked up because Link didnt save Hyrule. By the way,Link really went into the future because A Link to the Past is episode 4 in the storyline and The Legend of Zelda is like ... episode 7. So there. Did Link die and got revived by the fairy? I dont really know. Bye!


i didnt laugh once.

If link killed himself in the past, wouldnt he not exsist in the future?

uh... ok I guess...

It's ok, but really needs some improvement in storyline...