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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"

Holy shit...

Okay, this shit just... I mean.... Ugh. Old, needs new material, SERIOUSLY needs something to laugh at. I mean, was I supposed to be cracking up when he killed the old dude?? That was the most fucking retarded thing I've ever seen besides that steaming pile of dog crap by the side of the road. No, wait, the shit looked better.

So so

Hey not bad at all. The music was slightlty not right the sanctuary was correct but the overworld of THE LEGEND OF ZELDA was not that was just the breifing for the intro of the game but link killing the old man! Ha. Not bad. But try harder okay? Ja ne!


I thought it was funny, a crossover between one Legend to another. And to top it off a battle between two Links from two diffrent legends! WOW! Great sound, and although some who didn't play the original Zelda might think the graphics sucked, let me remind you that this is how the greatest game series of all time began! And oh yeah Wooden sword rules!

i know its only a movie but....

logically if link went back in time and killed link(from the past)and stole the sword link(from the future)would also die but its just a little flash ovie though. the sound quality was ok but that was not the music that played in the first zelda were he went but it was still good all in all


MAN!that last asshole that worte the review is a gay fag...great movie,great plot,loved the sound!it was just like in the one i have on my PC(ZSNES emulator).keep up the good work!i have all messangers so just email me if you want to talk :)