Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"

I don't know...

Why all the complaining... i completed it in my first run.

It's challenging, but it's not that hard.

Great game.


Well its okay i guess. I mean, it just takes far too long to complete a level.

best game ever!

i love this, because each place is so critical. in a way, its the most realistic strategy game ive ever played.. like in real wars, the more places you had, the more troops and things you could produce. this game is like that. i think that explained it. but yeah this game is the stuff!


It was all as great as the last one, but if you press the pause button the CPU will start placing moves ahead of time and when you unpause 10 tentacles will all come at once.

there is a game

there is a game on roblox that is like this one! its nano wars