Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"


Great game once again! :) The only time I was desperate to use the walkthrough was level 10... Man, that one was hard. I swear that it should have been level 20! lol But, without level 10 I wouldn't have past all the other levels... :P

Great addition to the last game

http://www.gamezhero.com/online-games /strategy-games/tentaclewarsthepurple menace-games.html?level_id=471311e11c 31d5596be211953b13719b

my lvl :D

Try This Level

http://www.gamezhero.com/online-games /strategy-games/tentaclewarsthepurple menace-games.html?level_id=80941606d8 9e3ecdb225450f8ba9967d

awesome game very good job

it's to hard

it's a graet game but i can't get passed level 12.


Even better than the first one!
Loved the "medal picture".

"This has potential as a smartphone app." [2]