Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"

Level 10,... just level 10

I don't think I'll ever beat lvl 10., but how little far I got in the game, it was a blast.

Once again...nice, but too difficult.

I like the strategy of it, and the ease of gameplay....But the difficulty curve jumps too high after the first nine levels. Just like the first TW game, Level ten simply frustrates me to no end. Attempting to beat it is like trying to hold back a flood with a sieve. The playing field is way too uneven in level ten to be anything but frustrating. Fix that, and you might get twice as many high votes as your game has received already.

Awesome sequel

Great sequel to the first. much more challenging with the purple microbes.

Awesome game! the only problem is...

the medals are boring (complete level 1, 2, 3, 4, damn -_-U) it could be something like "complete level X in X seconds/minutes" or discovering secrets in the game, or "complete a level doing something", etc. Everything else was epic X3
btw, do you have something with making level 19 harder than 20 in every game? XD (it happened with the first Tentacle Wars too)

P.D. I found an error in the level editor: when you make a level with nothing it says "You have to create at least one green and one non green microbe" so I tried making a green microbe and a neutral microbe, the result... when you press "test & save" it lets you play a second, then appears a "save level" window, as if you won the level O-o


give us more from this, PLEASE, i just love those