Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"

PLease PLease fix

I doesn't load please fix


I have to say that this game is absolutely amazing. It took an already awesome game and made it better. Most importantly, it had something that earlier in the day I realized was missing from another strategy game I was playing: an enemy that does what I do. I was playing a game earlier today, and the enemy had me in a tight spot. Had I been the enemy, rather than the computer, the game would have been over in a few minutes. Playing this was different. The Purple enemy tok opportunities I would have taken, and tried to, which forced me to think outside the box. That's what I want in a strategy game. This is amazing. Very good job.

great addition to a clasic

thou i miss the little titles from the last... i cant seem to get medals even though i have beatten it several times.? love how the purple break on the weaker links changing them, made it a little difficult at times but i must admit some of the levels in 1 were much harder. editer is nice to keep the game going and share new levels. good job

Neutral point

Well, you made fantastic job making this game, I find it pretty funny and such very strategic too, 2 tentacles for each cell, cut links to "attack" in mass, and so gives it a very strategic touch. I gave you 5/5 because i really liked the game so, but that was before get stuck in zone 16, in a neutral point: while i writte i have four cells in my own full and comp has 2 full too cells, and only one way to attack...I see it wrong, pulsar-b pulses should be stronger than pulsar-A pulses and so to make it more balanced. I mean I could consider attack with 2 same type cells to one cell, or uprade one cell to attack with more effectivity. but the fact that a spore and a pulsar-B can be stuck in neutral point... is something to fix. I hope this review will be usefull.

I cannot beat this game

the power from cells that have more than you is impossible to over come, lvl 10 requires a lot of luck to beat, since the odd are stacked so high against you. God knows what the higher lvls are like, level editor is very excellent in this regard