Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"

Definitely needs quality setting

Game's fun, a bit addictive I must admit, but there's one big problem: you can't set the quality. I'm playing on a 4 year old computer which is still able to run most of the recent games on NG in High quality without too much trouble, but this one has too many animations to be running smoothly IMO, like in the seventeenth zone where you have to be fast and spawn many tentacles: gets laggy like hell and by the time your action gets executed, it's obsolete.

I think you should consider an animation switch, I mean that the player should be able to chose if the tentacles and "pulsars" will be animated or not, for instance.

Hope you'll read the review, and good job BTW!


needs more scantily clad anime girls

was far too easy, especially the later levels
also, it was too short, the game needs more levels

favorited the 1st, favorited the 2nd, and will favorite the 3rd when you make it

Love it

But some of the later levels could have been more challenging.


love this game, loved the first one, this one seemed jjust a hair more challenging than the first not a complaint i think it was a very nice sequal to the first game, great job and i hope to see more tentical wars out there!!!!

Cool but seems too easy

Once you learn the early cutting trick, the game's difficulty almost disappears as you just rush colonize everything.