Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"

Long waited sequel... It's awesome!

Music, gameplay, graphics... Everything is in order which make this game totally perfect. Good move for making this purple organism, with more agressive AI and :) new COLOR.


This game is a real puzzle. It really forces you to think and to think tactically. Also all of this is accompanied by goo%u0432 quality graphics and suitable theme music.
I always liked that kind of games! Keep it going!

Cool 2nd part.

Indeed. That's a good sequel to this first and awesome game.
Really easier, but is that a bad point ? I guess not, the hardest games are not necessarly the best ones. It's still savory, and it's a joy to find again those microbs and their tentacles.
So, nothing new (except the purple microbs ?? are you kidding ? :D ), but still very effective and enjoyable.
Actually, yes there is something new : the level editor, that's a good idea. I just would have like that the fact you want to play a level doesn't bring you to gamezhero website.

Overall, still an excellent game with an original idea as good as its enactment. A nice ambient music, a cool and simple background, everything make a coherent and homogeneous ensemble. It's just harder to be as enthousiastic as i was for the first part.
Very good game.
PS : The level 11 medal seems not to be working. Maybe it's just for me, but i tell you.

I admit...

That I don't quite understand the mechanics ofwhat makes your cells stronger or weaker when wrestling other cells. I get that you shoot the tentacles, and if you cut a tentacle those pieces go to the attached cell.. but not much else is explained abut battling it out. Some further clarification as to the mechanics of how battles are won/lost would be very appreciated.

Also, you like Phage Wars, eh?


I played the first part and despite the presence of the purple microbes, this one fet a bit easier. The first part was more innovative, here most of the riddles are because of the walls, so you can't directly support the cells you want. But anyway, it was fun to play the second part!