Reviews for "Butcherbugs"

Oh man

It's hard as Heel..but to manage.

And I also would have apreciated a Pausebutton.

Oh man it's really tempting the Gameplay..but sooo cool.

Graphics and especially the psycedelic Musi is so smooth.

Nice One with this!! <33

Needs a pause button

I like the music, I liked the idea of being able to change formation on the fly. Like others said it lacked a bit in the enemy area, but its ultimate short fall was the lack of a pause button... at least I couldn't find one if it had it.

love the gameplay

this is my first review and i have been on the site for years. the fact that the different formations were even an option and useful, just wow

Nice gimmick, where's the rest?

I have a great respect for originality, and the formation flying thing is a neat trick. But the rest of the game is too sparse to hold my interest. There's no variety of weapons, little of enemies, the bosses do literally nothing and the pacing is very slow.

A trick, however neat and original, cannot carry the entire gimmick.

thank god

someone with some friggin originality on this site