Reviews for "Butcherbugs"

it needs upgrades

like more or stronger lady bugs. or a "gun" upgrade.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

it doesn't need upgrades and I'm sick of games with upgrades anyway, they're a cheap way to lengthen a game without adding any actual substance to it and a well-designed game designed without upgrades can be far more engaging than the stupid trends lately of sticking an "upgrade shop" in every freaking game imaginable.


the only problem was that it was way to easy it needs more of a challenge

Fun Flash Shump

One thing I didn't really like was how when you got a +1 ladybug powerup and you already had 5 it was pretty much wasted. I'd like to see one of your ladybugs power up and become a bit stronger if you have 5 and then get +1. Then if all 5 of your ladybugs become powered up at once they combine into a super butterfly that shoots tofu or something.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

the original idea was to have 10 ladybugs max in formations but we had a 3 day limit and designing enough interesting 10-bug formations would have taken too much time.

Just beat the game

Well....what game there was anyway. For the most part it was rather repetitive... and you might as well not have had a story.. Music wasn't bad, but all you did was choose it...so no real effort there...... It really lacked more substance, power ups, different enemies....I mean hell there was no real challenge besides the fact that there was neurons constantly impending your way which was just annoying more than anything. Then the fact that the formations were all rather horrible. Hell make upgrades, extra formations....rapid fire, crap like that. The biggest prob was most of the formations had the ladybugs so spread out there is not doubt they'd get it, and the snake one is just a nightmare in itsself

Good points and bad...

Good concept and game play. Reminds me of the old Viper arcade games and others that proceed it.

The bad points however is that there isn't another button function to use the formations... nor do you know the formations till you use them. May I suggest having another button like space or shift to toggle the formations? It would be especially good for those who use labtops or mouses that lack the button feature you're referring to when having the brief instructions.