Reviews for "Butcherbugs"

Good game but...

Its been done before, as well as the "music" sucked a lot...

Only "innovative" thing this game has is the ability to change ship formation. Better luck next time?


Loved the graphics, music and gameplay. Original and addictive! Awesome game!


refreshing new take on intergalactic shooters (though the theme isn't even close to it). the formations are pretty nice.

Quite good game i must say

I got fairly long into the game myself i must say, but still come on those "red beams" neurons or what ever, man they were annoying in the end, i couldn't do a thing because they came so fast that i couldn't destroy them in time before a new one pop'ed up, so i coulnd't take down that brain thing or what ever it should have been. All in all a good game, but really need to take it down a notch or two

Why couldn't i turn the music off

i could play for about 10 seconds before it got too annoying