Reviews for "Butcherbugs"


Sorry but i really hated that annoying music dude, i had to turn off the speakers. I couldn stay for more than 5 minutes listenin to it.

Instead formations (i noticed some of them are useless) u could put some powerups like rapid fire or more damage.

Very easy game.

Next time spend more time detailing monsters and bosses.

this game is really repetitive.

but really fun. this game is awsome in a strange way. idk y but i love it!

This Sucks.

I'm sorry man but it absolutely does. There's no point to it, everything is basically the same, mostly levels, and it just gets dull after a while.

Epic dude...

Awesome Game dude, even though it was pretty weird with the Brainzz and the Ladybugzz... But the cool thing about this game, is that you get to PWN BUTCHERS.

I hate Butchers.


Thank you for your wonderful game of Ladybugs destroying the human brain. It has made me feel happy and left confused, due to drug-like natures.