Reviews for "Butcherbugs"

pretty nifty

I enjoyed the game play, music, and graphics.
The wall mechanic was a new one to me for this genre and was the only reason i kept playing. The ability the change formations added to the fun, however I found my self only using two of them.

I read your comment below about upgrades and have to disagree with you, upgrades would have added allot of substance to this game; a change the formations upon upgrade would have added allot of extra joy, or projectile
strength to deal with with increasing wall structure.
8/10 4/5

i like it but. . .

the last part is a little to hard

Very cool.

For the first few minutes anyway. Got a bit boring fast though.


its not bad...maybe you could thrw in like a distance counter, help keep track of how far youve gone, but it was alright, i liked how you could change formations and such.


relaxing! i dont know, there was just something about the music and the colours that made this game relaxing for me...