Reviews for ">==Moonlight Sonata==<"

One of the best songs...

...I've ever heard EVER!

this is so amazing...

I am serious about what i'm gonna say. It made me feel very floaty... Very relaxed...calm...almost out of body... it's so beautiful....

Oh my goodness...

I've heard the original piece, and this is just a lovely cover of it. I must congratulate you for such amazing work. This sounds so sinister, yet so much like the original.

Makes me think of a young man trying to woo the woman of his dreams, but the only way to do so is to kill the man who is wooing her attention more, but he ends up having to kill her too, so now he wanders aimlessly through life, always playing the sonata he tried to woo her with, and finding his only solace in it.

Much love and respect on this.



can't go wrong on this one, very well done


a like the music